I've accumulated many audio clips over the past few months, and my boyfriend Rune Bennicke, (Supervising Animator at Dreamworks) has animated to this one as a gift to me. This video was made entirely in our home, from the recording of the audio to the animation.

Here's our 15 second YouTube video!

My first animated voice over!

I have been taking voice acting for animation and commercial classes, with David Babich of Voice Los Angeles since September 2013, and Sue Boyajian and Roger Scott of The Voice Over Connection since April 2014. This demo was directed and produced by David Babich.

My voice acting for animation demo is now on YouTube!

Completed Sue Boyajians, "Introduction to Voice Acting"

And so ended our 6-week, "Introduction to Voice Acting" workshop, with Sue Boyajian. Silly voice actors... what will they do next?

Swimsuit Catalog Shoot with Nüera Swim!

I had the pleasure of modeling for Nüera Swim, shot by photographer Katia Grey, and designed by the lovely Katelyn Hill. What a wonderful group to work with! Looking forward to seeing the catalogs and finished images on their website! Shop Nüera at: nueraswim.com

Completed Roger Scotts, "Intermediate Voice Acting for Commercials"

Three intense weeks of Commercials with Roger Scott, ending with tonights final assignment, of writing, casting, and directing our own commercials! Learned a lot these past weeks. And next week, we jump into the animation workshop with Sue Boyajian! :)

workshop, at The VO Connection!

Tiffany Chin Sim Nuera

workshop, at The VO Connection!

Yes! The new site is up and running, and I am as happy as can be! I'd just like to thank everyone who made this possible. My biggest supporter, best friend and boyfriend Rune Bennicke for all his love and continued support, my private coach David Babich who continues to help me sharpen my Voice Acting skills, the lovely Sue Boyajian for all the advice, coaching and mentoring, and of course her referral to my wonderful web designer Jaimie! If you like what you see here, track him down…and hire him :) Here's a head start: websitesbyjaimie.com

Welcome to TiffanyChinSim.com

Completed Sue Boyajian's, "Intermediate Voice Acting for Animation"

Following Roger Scotts Intermediate Commercial Workshop, we had the lovely Sue Boyajian for another 3 intense weeks! We wrapped it up with our final assignment of creating and designing a character, writing a monologue for this character and then performing the finished product for our last class! Lots of fun, and we've learned so much! And next week, we plunge into Roger Scott's Advanced Commercial Workshop! Excited? Oh yes... :)

workshop, at the VO Connection!

Completed Roger Scott's "Advanced Voice Acting for Commercials Workshop

As always with Roger, we all just had the time of lives, while learning so much. Great work from everyone! 

(Also! Go check out this awesome testimonial Roger just wrote about me on my Testimonials Page.)

Modeling job for Jimmy Choo Shoes, with Kit Harington

Recently had an amazing opportunity to be a leg model for Jimmy Choo Shoes. Now what could possibly make this better? When I received my call sheet the night before, I saw the name "Kit Harington" above mine...and being an avid Game of Thrones fan, I jumped up and down excitedly of course! So grateful for the opportunity to model for a well known designer with an actor from my FAVORITE TV show. Very happy this happened.

NEW Commercial Demo!

Just received my new commercial demo, and I'm very happy with the finished product Many thanks to Compost Productions

(Home of the Voiceover Doctor) and the crew, for making me a demo I LOVE!

Signed with VOX, Inc for Voice over representation! 

So happy and excited to be working with these awesome people. Special thanks to those who believe in me, and helped me get here. Something good this way comes...

Completed Sue Boyajian's "Advanced Voice Acting for Animation and Video Games"

Workshop at The VO Connection!

Just received my new commercial demo, and I'm very happy with the finished product Many thanks to Compost Productions

(Home of the Voiceover Doctor) and the crew, for making me a demo I LOVE!